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The bottom line is that if you are a politician in a democracy you have to build or be the beneficiary of a parliamentary majority which supports the broad thrust of your line of policy.  There never has been anything remotely close to a majority for Syriza like policies in Ireland - though that may indeed change after the next elections.

So it's just moral grandstanding to criticize Noonan personally for not doing what what he never had a mandate to do nor could have achieved within the political balance of power in Ireland (and the Eurozone) at the time.  I personally was all in favour of "burning the bondholders" and refusing to socialize private debts, but I and those few people in positions of influence who shared my view never had anything remotely close to a parliamentary majority supporting our views so claiming that Noonan cares not a jot for the unemployed of the southern periphery is at best moot and at worst a cheap shot from someone who never had the responsibility of managing the Irish economy or elsewhere from within the constraints of our democratic system.

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