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Kouvelakis sees any attempt to remain in the Euro as a betrayal anyway. He saw an opportunity for SYRIZA to shift towards the drachma with the crisis in negotiations, and sees this deal as a failure.
Thus he has to portray the deal as some sort of total capitulation, despite this being a 4 month deal that pushed the can down the road, which it isn't in practice. The Greek government seems determined to use this "creative ambiguity" of the treaty in order to follow the exact policies it has promised immediately after the elections.

Thus as the new legislative period starts next week, SYRIZA plans within the week to:

  • Reopen the Public broadcaster ERT, rehiring *all of its employees"
  • Start a parliamentary investigative committee on possible criminal responsibilities of previous governments for bringing in the IMF and the troika's memoranda
  • Banning of bank foreclosures and evictions of people from their primary residence
  • A formerly vetoed bill that allows back taxes to be paid in as many as 100 installments
  • A bill that will introduce emergency measures to combat the humanitarian crisis in Greece (from food-stamps to free electricity)

...While the minister responsible for labour affairs has announced that immediately afterwords that a bill will be submitted reistating collective bargaining, which was demolished at the troika's insistance and the previous governments' complicity, a measure on which both the IMF and the ECB have issued warnings not to proceed...

This simply would not follow from Kouvelakis' analysis. In fact the article laments that things such as these are not possible, since it insists that "Syriza will in fact be forced to operate within the existing framework". It isn't. And the next few weeks will demonstrate this as an empirical fact. How the "institutions" will then react to this is a whole different story

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by talos (mihalis at gmail dot com) on Fri Feb 27th, 2015 at 10:36:37 AM EST
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