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So now we learn that public TV had to be closed when IMF bureaucrat Poul Thomsen blackmailed the minister for the reform of public service, Antonis Manitakis, to immediately fire 4,000 additional public servants, just to scare those remaining, claims Manitakis. So this is what the current government must avoid, given Lagarde's indication of continuing to play hardball. Another IMF bureaucrat advised the Greek government to bring no lawsuits against any of those on the Lagarde list of tax cheats. As for the minimum wage reduction to a level opposed even by the employers, the blackmailers enforcing it aren't identified beyond "reviewers of the Eurogroup".

The article also says, citing a dissident IMF official from Brazil, that the IMF couldn't have participated in the bailout by its own rules until DSK changed them (though once the rule was changed, there was majority support for the bailout).

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by DoDo on Wed Feb 25th, 2015 at 01:16:00 PM EST
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