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On another thought: just finished reading this on the way they were doing things in the UK. Probably a more relevant example, given the whole discussion below.

Very revealing quotes from the article:

In April 1949, the central council of the John Lewis Partnership voted `to exclude communists from membership and to ask present and future staff to sign a declaration that they are neither members of the Communist Party nor in sympathy with its doctrines'. A second resolution recommending similar action in the case of fascists was defeated.

In time - and one is left to ponder whether or not Orwell's approval would have been withheld - `communist' came to be viewed as coterminous with membership of, inter alia, CND, Friends of the Earth, the National Council for Civil Liberties, the Fire Brigades Union, the Anti-Apartheid Movement, even the Seventh Day Adventists.​15 As the colour red spread like a disease on the retina of the security services, so a peculiar blindness to right-wing organisations developed. According to Cathy Massiter, who worked at MI5 from 1970 to 1983, `there was only one person covering all of right-wing subversion,' while there were `many dozens' dealing with communism. Across Whitehall, secret committees tasked with developing national security procedures chose to simplify their reporting by following `the common practice of using the phrase "communist" throughout to include fascists.' Yes, well, that should deal with it.

So, yes, we could be concerned about Nazi sympathizers as teachers. Apparently, they never were.
by Sargon on Fri Mar 27th, 2015 at 01:42:17 PM EST
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