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Those employment bans, while ridiculous political discrimination, were aimed to keep 'extremists' from civil service. The de-facto employment bans in Fidesz-Hungary are aimed at people who aren't extremists by any measure (while real extremists like loud anti-Semites can keep their jobs) and its enforcement extends into the private economy.

BTW, the same Wikipedia article also says that Bavaria continues to have Berufsverbot in its law books.

This seems rather sloppy. Berufsverbot in general remains on all law books and not just in Germany, for cases like banning doctors convicted of malpractice from continuing elsewhere or keeping convicted child molesters away from education jobs. Regarding political job bans, the big issue was the Radikalenerlass ('extremist directive'), a law ordering an automatic background check to keep members of organisations listed as extremists from public service. According to the German Wikipedia, this was abolished everywhere, including Bavaria, which was the last one to do so in 1991. However, Bavaria created an alternative (called neither Berufsverbot nor Radikalenerlass) in the form of a questionnaire for new recruits where they have to declare whether they have membership in an extremist organisation. The list infamously still includes the Left Party.

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