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I remember you critiqued Frozen a while back. I think it is interesting why it has became so big. Obviously, this is a childrens movie and for a childrens movie to make it big it needs to appeal both to the kids and to their parents who has the money.

Now Frozen has a lot of things going for it, music, snow, princesses, monsters, trolls and of course (this being Disney) somewhat funny side-kicks. But I think the reason it strikes a cord with the adults is the two themes of sibling relations and depression. I would say that one would hardly be able to make such an up-beat story about depression without the childlike imagery.

If Elsa did not conjure up an ice-castle to shut the world out, but instead sat in a basement ranting about how much the world sucks on the internet or found a solitary hobby to mentally close herself into, it would not really be the same thing. Also, the intervention by her sister where love makes all the mental health problems go away would be really cheesy.

This being a depressive era, I think it is in retrospect logical that this movie has struck a cord.

One final take-away is not to trust mental health issues to unlicensed practioners who kidnap children, marry people on a whim and live isolated, obeying the great leader. If they are known as trolls, maybe you should get a second opinion before heeding their advice.

by fjallstrom on Thu Mar 12th, 2015 at 04:44:29 AM EST
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