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Let's not forget our former president. December 2007, seven months after Nicolas Sarkozy's election to the French presidency:

When Sarkozy Met Gaddafi - TIME

Despite his continued disdain for democracy and notoriously poor record on human rights, Gaddafi is being hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy for a lavish five-day stay featuring not one but two meetings with Sarkozy. Supporters of the trip argue it offers Gaddafi evidence of the diplomatic respect awaiting him should he match his improved international behavior with similarly improved treatment of his own people. Detractors point to Gaddafi's comments over the weekend that "it's normal the weak have recourse to terrorism" in international conflicts as additional proof the Libyan has a long way to go before receiving a tribute from the French Republic.

Four years later, the same Nicolas Sarkozy was heading the war party against the Gaddafi  regime.

Sarkozy is still under investigation for suspected illegal financing of his 2007 presidential run by Gaddafi.

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