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Human population has been growing exponentially since very early on
How early on? Seven billion is just 32 exponential doublings since Adam and Eve. Accepting the Biblical 6000 years, the populations must be growing at a meager 0.38% annual rate. (Wanna assume total K millenia? Take the K-th root 1.023, or roughly divide 2.3% by K.) Since when the humanity broke away from bio-economic limitations for primates?

The industrial evolution rate change was clear, indeed. Perhaps most populations were growing at >1% rate most of the time - but the "exceptional" setbacks are parts of the game, and their probability increases with the population number approaching habitat limitations. As for the modern demographic transition... I would not take it for granted. It is hard to delineate how much emancipation, austerities are natural or labored.

by das monde on Thu Jul 2nd, 2015 at 06:29:26 AM EST
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