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About two months ago I wondered how much "seamless" population control significance is there in extreme marriage, coming of age rituals in isolated Pacific societies. Cases of "traditional" cannibalism, infanticide are most frequent there as well. Thus, reading about Yap I immediately asked myself, does this monetary system makes sense in the context of limiting population growth. The answer is definitely yes. For one thing, the dangerous 400km transports by canoes take a percentage of able, hunky, wannabe guys out of life and procreation. And more crucially, the social inequality enshrined by the stones consistently determines procreation odds of the Yappians.

The surprising Yap story appears to be less than widely known, even to economic geeks. Is it hazardous to spread it? The current civilization direction seems to be taking "the best" out of available cultures to build a stable global wealth hierarchy, possibly with population sustainability in hazy upscale minds.

by das monde on Sat Jun 27th, 2015 at 02:56:25 AM EST
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