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das monde:
Thus, reading about Yap I immediately asked myself, does this monetary system makes sense in the context of limiting population growth. The answer is definitely yes. For one thing, the dangerous 400km transports by canoes take a percentage of able, hunky, wannabe guys out of life and procreation.

Unless taking out a percentage of "able, hunky, wannabe guys" limits the number of children per woman, it does not matter to population growth. A society can lose a large part of young guys and still grow as quick as it can, provided social norms allows for men being father to the children of more then one woman. For example if the society allows for polygamy, or if average life span is shorter for women (for example by death by childbirth) and society allows for men to remarry, or if it is matrilinear and does not pay close attention to fathers at all.

If you want to look at factors limiting population growth, it is all about women and children. At what age do women start to have sex? Do women on average survive to menopause or die earlier? These two determine the age interval for bearing children. Then it is the question of time between live births, which is largely determined by breastfeeding, other practises that limits fertility and health (in particular, syphilis increases the risk of spontaneous abortions). Then you have childrens survival, and in many societies surviving until your fifth birhtday was a fifty/fifty shot.

So infanticide (in particular of girls) does keep population growth down, teenage boys doing dangerous things doesn't do much on its own. If teenage women goes stone-trecking on the other hand, then it does affect population growth.

das monde:

And more crucially, the social inequality enshrined by the stones consistently determines procreation odds of the Yappians.

Is this something you have read about the Yappians, or something you infer? And in particular, would that be procreation odds of women, men or both?

by fjallstrom on Sun Jun 28th, 2015 at 03:03:24 PM EST
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