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  1. All European leaders agree that a specific set of structural reforms are necessary to create a strong economy and reduce unemployment. Especially it needs to be easer to fire people.

  2. All European leaders agree that government spending needs to be reduced. On the speed of the reduction there are certainly differences, but in total there is agreeme

I think the situation is a little more nuanced than you suggest. Fine Gael are the lead party in Ireland and also the most right wing. Yet they are anxious to increase Government spending (and reduce income tax) by as much as the Troika and the growth and Stability pact  will allow and have ignored advice from the Commission, OECD and the Irish Statutory Fiscal Advisory Council to tone down the spending.  Partly this is because there is an general election due shortly, but most of the spending increases under consideration are ongoing.  Also there are no proposals to make it easier to fire people that I am aware of, and some talk of making it more difficult to make them redundant when a company goes into liquidation.  Admittedly this is in the context of the economy coming out of austerity and recession, but the ideological commitment to neo-liberalism isn't as total as you suggest.

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