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The latest from the ECB, tightening the ELA exchange rate on Greek assets, is a sign that the Troika is planning to force Tsipras to choose between the same old deal, or Grexit.
by Metatone (metatone [a|t] gmail (dot) com) on Mon Jul 6th, 2015 at 06:07:19 PM EST
Also the Eurogroup:

Tsipras secures domestic backing for last-gasp effort at deal | News | ekathimerini.com

According to sources in Brussels, 16 of the other 18 countries in the eurozone are in favor of letting Greece leave the eurozone and they will have to weigh up the cost of any agreement to keep Athens in the single currency.

If this is true (Kathimerini is anti-Syriza), who could be the exceptions: France and?

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A society committed to the notion that government is always bad will have bad government. And it doesn't have to be that way. — Paul Krugman
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