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You do argue against the title "1930s in social media" by saying that in the '30s the racism was in the (German) mainstream media, which is true,

And that mainstream media in most european countries would never take the positions it did take in thirties is a qualitative difference.

 (though I'd add that it's possible that the role of social media was at least partly played at the time by public meetings, rallies, beerhall meetings, youth organisations, etc).

Different expressions of the same underlaying ideology. But the expressions you mentioned demand a lot more engagement. Another qualitative difference.

 "I'd agree that the 1930s parallel can be strained."

Or is simply wrong.

 "However, it's not as if today's mainstream media are blameless, to take mass-circulation "news"papers like Bild for an example, or similar huge circulation outlets in the UK."

Again, much worse in the nineties. Especially if we look at not just Bild, but also e. g. Spiegel.

"But I still don't see the Fidesz/Jobbik "implicit claim", or your refutation of it. "

If you don't want to see...

by IM on Wed Aug 12th, 2015 at 06:03:43 AM EST
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