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Since then, a freight train each was shunted to both sides of the refugee train, to hide it from journalists. This probably helped the escape...

At Keleti, police allowed a conflict predicted for days to happen: football hooligans (gathered from all over the country for an international match against Romania) attacked the refugees, throwing petards. But a large number of refugees quickly assembled and fought back.

Meanwhile, the standoff between police and the c. 500 refugees tricked to board a train yesterday which was stopped near a refugee camp had a new twist: a group of 50 ran out of the train and started walking west along the rails.

Meanwhile, after a standoff with police, a group of 300 refugees broke out of the chronically over-filled refugee camp at the Serbian border (at this camp human rights NGOs weren't allowed in to check conditions).

Meanwhile, an Austrian initiative launched a few days ago gathered steam: more than 2,000 volunteered to drive in a convoy to Hungary and pick up refugees (if executed, this would be a mass violation of laws against aiding illegal immigration).

Meanwhile, another good news: after days of reporting chronically short supplies, the NGO aiding the refugees at the railway stations said that their storerooms suddenly got full.

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