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When Angela Merkel speaks, Refugees listen - Mohamed Amjahid - Tagesspiegel
What happens if Merkel [...] says that Germany allegedly opens its doors and welcomes refugees? What happens when pictures of citizens who welcome refugees at German train stations?

[They] use social and classical media. They also know what Orbán says. To understand what kind of suction effect this new way of political communication creates, you have to look at what the other heads of government say.

...If refugess talk that Germany practically doesn't send Syrians back to Hungary they just take the chancellor at her word.

In other news, we have headlines of Sigmar Gabriel (the Hardy part of our Laurel and Hardy government duo) saying that Germany could take up to 500,000 a year. I know he probably didn't mean it that way but I feel my heart sinking. No we can't, idiot! Stop talking! Such streams of refugees have the ability to seriously mess up a society. Ask some Syrians, Sigmar. They know best how a refugee crisis (Iraq, the long drought) can blow up a country. Public and political opinion in the UK and not just there is rather dismissive of Germany's stance. It's described as naive and 'hippie', all heart and no brain. I hate to say that there is some truth to it. And as in any case the polity here will need some years to recognize what happened and by then major damage will have been done.

Schengen is toast!
by epochepoque on Tue Sep 8th, 2015 at 03:12:28 PM EST

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