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The authorities are flailing and hardly know what to do. Refugees are intentionally not seeking asylum in Denmark, but instead trying to pass to Sweden.

Mixed bag from this side:

  • Police in Malmö has arrested suspected refugee "smugglers" while "smugglers" are organising quite openly on facebook to drive and pick up refugees in Denmark.

  • Danish minister claimed that negotiations has started with Sweden to void Dublin to let refugees through.. Swedish government denies any negotiations and claims Dublin rules are in effect. Meanwhile, PM Löfven has meetings with Merkel to form some kind of nucleus for a European deal.

  • The state railway company has declared that they have lifted their demand on identity documents for tickets if (and only if) you are (or rather look like) a Syrian refugee. Personal tickets, in effect a demand for identity documents was introduced a couple of years ago because the ticket price system was so complicated that the few who got it could buy cheap and sell for a fixed price online, and apparently turn a profit. Introducing an understandable pricing system must be unserious.

  • Large demonstrations in many cities pro-refugees. Attempts - mostly failed - from politicians to place themselves in front. People want concrete action, not vague promises.

  • Spontaneous organising to welcome refugees and get them a place to sleep in Malmö.

  • Huge increase in volonteers to host refugee families in Gothenburg.
by fjallstrom on Wed Sep 9th, 2015 at 03:29:27 PM EST
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