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A short summary of the events since yesterday:

  • It seems the main effect of the fence and the law changes was to accelerate the movement of refugees ahead of the deadline, with all countries downstream of Germany trying to prevent refugees getting stranded on their territory.
  • The government did set up sham transit zones and kangoroo courts, after all, but instead of new facilities in front of the fence, two road border crossings were modified. The procedure is even quicker and even more of a sham: refugees are made to sign a document in Hungarian only which includes a passage about recognising Serbia as a safe third country.
  • Smuggling is booming, as reflected by dozens of fresh holes across the fence.
  • Still there are thousands of the more naive who got stuck at the sham transit zones, and for an hour now, as Orbán desired, there is violence: stone throwing and fence tearing vs. water cannon and tear gas. But not everything is according to plan: the refugees act from or quickly return to Serbian territory, and Hungarian police can't follow. Hungary asked for Serbian police intervention...

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by DoDo on Wed Sep 16th, 2015 at 11:01:14 AM EST

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