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China also seems to be kicking off a tram/light rail boom, as DoDo predicted a few years ago. :)

Wikipeida has a doubtless out of date article about trams in China, and this SkyscraperCity thread has lots of news from January 2014 onwards. Skoda and AnsaldoBreda, among others, have licensed designs to Chinese manufacturers, which will no doubt evolve into 100 per cent domestic Chinese trams.

Here's a list of new and upcoming lines as of January 2014, cribbed from SkyscraperCity:

Shenyang, tram Line 6 opening in June 2014, Line 4 to construct in 2014
Nanjing, opens in August 2014
Huai'an, opens in September 2014
Suzhou, opens in December 2014
Guangzhou, Haizhu line opens in December 2014
Shenzhen, opens in December 2014
Chengdu, opens in June 2015
Haikou, opens in December 2015
Wuhan, opens in 2015
Beijing, Xijiao line opens in 2015
Foshan, opens in 2016
Zhuhai, opens in 2016
Chongqing, 2 lines planned
Zhuzhou, 3 lines planned
Shanghai, 6 lines planned
by Gag Halfrunt on Fri Sep 18th, 2015 at 11:07:28 AM EST

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