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I think it's a proposed law open to abuse:  What is to prevent me setting up a small home brewing operation and selling by produce to all and sundry without any kind of licence whatsoever (under the terms of this bill)?  Some Micro breweries are located on the premises of pubs and so would have a pub licence in any case.  For others, requiring them to pay for an off licence doesn't seem like a huge imposition.  

I can see the licensed trade and supermarket off licences not being too happy about unlicensed microbreweries selling their wares to the general public.  We may get to a situation where supermarkets will have on site micro-breweries selling their "craft" beers in the same way as they have "home" bakeries on site now.

Basically all the pre-production could be done in a central brewery, and only the final stage fermentation would take place in the Supermarket - a bit like how they are supplied with half baked bread now for final finishing in the shop.  Quality control and excise duty collection could become very complex...

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