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In theory, voting rights could be suspended. In practice, democracy is only checked on entreance.

Also, I think that Fidesz is benefitting from being part of EPP.

Politico appears to agree:


European institutions are pushing back. The European Parliament endorsed a highly critical report on Hungary in June 2013 and, earlier this month, again voted to condemn Orbán's recent actions. The Council of Europe published a highly critical report on Hungary's Constitutional Reforms in 2013, and this month published a new report criticizing xenophobia and violence against minorities and immigrants in Hungary. The European Commission has launched a series of legal actions against Hungary. But none of this has deterred Orbán.

To understand why the EU has been so ineffective in opposing Orbán's drive to consolidate power, one must look first to the leadership of the European People's Party (EPP), the center right faction in the European Parliament of which Orbán's Fidesz party remains a member in good standing. Leading figures in the EPP are sheltering the Orbán regime in the name of partisan politics. In the interest of party loyalty and of maintaining their majority in the European Parliament, many EPP politicians have proven themselves willing to tolerate Orbán's violations of democratic values.

by fjallstrom on Mon May 2nd, 2016 at 04:23:18 AM EST
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