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                          INJUSTICE 😭

I live such a placid, peaceful life that the killing of unarmed black kids by cops, the bombing of Palestinians by Israelis, all the major shit ... just passes me by, a curiosity. But today I had a very minor taste of what it may feel like. And, BTW, my typing this is catharsis (gesundheit) for this episode. Another learning experience among the apes.  🐵

This morning around 9:30, I'm in bed and I hear a commotion outside; I ignore it. My neighbor knocks on my door, says a street work crew would like me to move my car; it's in the way. Absolutely no warning before it happens. My neighbor asks if it's OK if he and the workmen move my car; I say "sure"; the doors are unlocked, it's in gear with the emergency brake on. I forget that the steering wheel locks without the key in the ignition. Fifteen minute later I go out, my car is "reparked",  slightly on the sidewalk, the product of reduced steering capability;  my car isn't blocking the sidewalk by any means. But, since I don't know how this is going to work out, I write down the license plate number of the work crew dump truck, very visibly, no words exchanged. I do some shit inside, go back to bed, ready to repark my car to it's old place once the work crew leaves. 3:00 ...  work crew gone, large square asphalt area where the crew dug and filled in. No big. Back my car up into it's old place, and I notice something on my windshield under the wiper. I think, "Maybe the crew left some kind of form for me to send in to complain. That would be decent of them."

Guess what !!!  It's a parking ticket for $52.50 for PARKING ON THE SIDEWALK !!!

I can imagine one of the asshole workman thinking, just before they left, "Let's fuck with the guy who took down our license number", and he calls the cops. Get this: I have to send the $$$ to REVENUE SERVICES; right to the point; This is how we make money !!

When I started typing this bit I was really pissed off !! Now I'm nice and calm, ready to be a good citizen, write out a check and chalk it up as a learning experience. All Clint Eastwood urges are gone. Fun, huh? 😒

They tried to assimilate me. They failed.

by THE Twank (yatta blah blah @ blah.com) on Tue May 24th, 2016 at 07:23:08 PM EST

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