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Have a little faith and you might have another cathratsis. Instead of/in addition to sending the check, if you look, you will probably find it is actually a summons. You can call the clerk of the court that issued the summons and ask to appear before the judge to explain what actually happened. You did not park the car on the sidewalk, the city work crew did. Also check to see if and if, how you were notified previously of the need of the work crew for access to the space where your car had been legally parked.

None of the crew likely has any idea of your situation. You could be disabled such that it is an ordeal to even get out to the car and get in. You could have only gotten to bed two hours before they showed up because of work, etc. In any case if they were unable to properly move and re-park your car they could have knocked on your door and asked for the keys. Actually, for all you know, they might have been able to park it without the keys, but were pissed by your not giving them said keys or whatever and then just picked up your car and moved it. I had that happen to me as a joke. Admittedly, it was with a Honda 600! But several strong workmen can even pick up a mid-sized sedan.

But take care to get the address of the court. I had a similar experience as I was preparing to go to Mayo last year this time. I came off the off ramp onto the freeway and accelerated to get around a slow poke in the right lane. In the process I went over the speed limit by close to 10 mph. It was then I saw the AR State Police cruiser in the median. I let off the gas and quickly dropped back to the speed limit but he nailed me anyway. He was merciful and only cited me for not having my seat belt fastened and not having proof of insurance. I could pay the fine and not have my insurance go up. But the summons was for the day I was supposed to appear at Mayo. So I went to the sheriff's Office to pay. They told me I could appear and show proof of insurance which would result in a reduction of the fine to $60. But I was afraid I would not be present at the appropriate time and paid the full amount as I did not want a warrant issued while I was in the hospital or just returning home in an unknown condition.

It took me another day of stumbling to every wrong courtroom in Mountain Home to find the right court where I found, to my delight, that I could appear anytime the court was in session to deal with the matter. So I got the necessary paperwork, went before the judge and told my tale of woe. He reduced the fine and ordered his clerk to issue me a check for the difference!

Sadly, he has just retired and I voted for the wrong candidate, who had knocked on my door and introduced himself, via early voting before the better candidate knocked on my door. Oh, well. But most judges try to be fair, at least on that level. They are glad to see someone who does not have problems with drugs or alcohol, etc. and it feels good to dispense justice AND mercy.

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