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Curiously, Böhmermann is from Bremen, so I know people who went to school with him, or at least were aware of his earlier history. I find him preposterously entertaining, and insightful... though I only watch selected videos, and none recently.

I thought (because mein Deutsch in not perfect?) that Böhmermanns team actually did create the fake finger, in the original song.

A sad commentary that Merkel chose to side with the Turkish Dictator-n-Waiting.

Böhmermann sure knows how to press German buttons. In the Varoufakis song, where he pokes a finger in the eye of German culture, he claims a predilection for incest, though only in Saarland. When i first saw the original, I split my sides. It was so well done.

Ich Hab Polizei is equally brilliant.

I thought it was goats (Ziegen) in the Erdo poem.

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by Crazy Horse on Sun May 29th, 2016 at 12:47:08 PM EST
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