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From what I saw of her victory speech in Brooklyn she claims a great victory for women. I even grant that she wants more women in positions of power. So do I. We had that discussion back in the '90 when Feinstein and Boxer won their primaries in California. Several of us agreed that the male specimens who had occupied California's senate seats were far from exemplary and that it was time to give the girls a chance.

But I fear the practical effects might turn out little better for other women than, say, Clarence Thomas's appointment to the Supreme Court was for other blacks. Thomas obviously cared less about the fates of other blacks. Like too many US black conservatives I have known, their idea of civil rights advances was that they got the opportunity to get theirs. That would be ok with me if they also served others from their group. But, with Thomas, it didn't happen.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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