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It isn't perceived; she, like the rest of the DLC, is insincere.  The DLC/DNC has done nothing for the last 30 years but give ground the the GOP while claiming TINA and pretending to be the friends of the 99.99% they were screwing over for their 0.01% masters.  Bilious Bill sold out small farmers, labor, and clean water in Arkansas for the sake of industrial agriculture cronies (I keep hearing people say, "Look at how he improved education in Arkansas," but folks, creating a system that cranks out little but more, redundant psych/lit/poli sci majors is nothing but a con game.).  In the White House he dismantled the social safety net and banking regs while she tanked gay rights and healthcare reform for a generation.  I just can't buy that the DLC's "accomplishments" have been merely unintended consequences instead of a salient part of the driving neolib/neocon agenda.
by rifek on Wed Jun 8th, 2016 at 08:37:47 PM EST
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