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Hard to be cosmopolitan if the world around you is withering.

And with full employment it did not need to wither. Indeed with full employment, arrival of new people means arrival of more productive labor.

But we don't have that, and without full employment the far right and their blame of the others rise wheter there are actual others to blame or not (see Finland for a case of hardly any immigrants and a big far right party).

While the political elite has often preached the liberal right to seek asylum, they probably have been afraid of refugees triggering a rise of far right, considering the order that has been established in Europe.

First, you have countries outside Europe that gets payed to stop refugees. Most prominent of which is currently Turkey. Ten years ago, the European assistance to Libya was a matter of some prominence in the atlernative press.

Then, you have the outer ring of members who must be solely responsible for any refugees managing to get to Europe.

Thirdly, you have the transporter liability to prevent refugees taking ships or planes into the center.

But not only have our political elites been busy exporting economics that creates poverty and conflicts, Europe also serves as support zone for the US attempts at blowing up the arab speaking countries, creating refugees.

Add that the first ring has got partly blown up by European and US bombers, and that the second ring is held in poverty by Euro-policies, and there was only a question of time before the system broke down. Now, with bigger bribes to the aspiring dictator of Turkey, part of the wall is up again, but it is again a question of time.

Unless we start peaceful relationships with neighbours and full employment policies pushed both at home and abroad. But how likely is that?

by fjallstrom on Sun Jul 17th, 2016 at 09:42:44 PM EST

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