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I supported Sanders until AFTER the convention. I thought critics such as Michael Moore and others were right that Clinton would be vulnerable to attack by Trump and would just be a continuation of the status quo politics we had during the Obama Administration. By September I saw that I had no choice but to support Clinton and hope for the best.

I felt and still feel that we HAVE to address the basic problems affecting the US electorate and that entails taking on the power of the very wealthy. I grant that not having a specter of Bolshevism makes this more difficult than it was for FDR, but, now, just perhaps, having on vivid and continual display the results of enabling run-amok right wing populism in a presidential race will, over the next several months, create a clear majority for real change.

Given the inability and lack of real intent on the part of Trump to deal seriously and effectively with the problems affecting most of the electorate, disillusionment amongst many of his supporters will reduce his support. This is already starting. Demographics will continue to favor progressive attitudes as more of Trump's base is dying every day.

And having real, clear progressive goals will be essential to attract so many of the millennials who did not engage in '16. Democratic Party neoliberalism is well past its sell by date. We will never really know how well Sanders might have done had he had the opportunity. But a presidential candidate better than Clinton who addresses the need for change should have the wind at their back in '20.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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