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And one in the plan column but with very good short term advice:

The Method to Trump and Bannon's "Madness" | Ian Welsh -

The current focus on Bannon might bear fruit. He and Kushner are the most competent people Trump listens to, and if a wedge can be driven between them, using Trump's ego "President Bannon" then perhaps Bannon's power can be reduced or he can even be gotten rid of. Kushner, as the son-in-law, is probably not someone who can be peeled off. Bannon might be.

Bottom line: if you are a civil service member who can expect to not be let go soon anyway, you should keep your head down and work from within. If you are going to be let go of anyway (as with the acting Attorney General who defied Trump),  you might as well go out with a bang.

One minor positive effect of real existing president Trump is that the focus has moved away from supposed Russian meddling to the fascist running his campaign.

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