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Frist, one has to learn to channel anger in order for it to be useful. Too often it just blocks thought. I once thought that the intensity of my anger impressed people. It doesn't.

Second, be sure of your statements. Are you sure that rifek is macho? Cynical for sure.

Third, neither I nor rifek nor MfM have ever, to my knowledge, advocated voting for Trump so that he might disrupt the system. Instead, that is our consolation.

Forth, no one fails to realize that the repeal of the ACA will be a disaster, as well as the stacking of the supreme court, the disregard for the rule of law, along with the rousing up of the most easily manipulative in our society.

You and Izzy seem to believe that, had only Bernie not tried to run, it would have been clear sailing for Hillary. That doesn't account for Trump. And most of the people who supported Sanders voted for Clinton just like I did. It was you and the entire DNC establishment that thought you could cram Hillary down the people's throat. She was a status quo candidate in a change year. And she was uniquely vulnerable to the sort of attacks Trump launched. People pointed that out before the Convention - in the MSM and here.

I for one would have been much more comfortable with Clinton had she ever indicated support for even half of that on which Sanders campaigned and had done it from the start. And she was never convincing that she had truly embraced what she did claim to adopt. I, along with most, never believed she would actually go after crimes committed by financial sector executives. She is too beholden to them. None-the-less I voted for her and supported her on FB and in conversation with acquaintences, etc.

The problem was Hillary. Had she gotten the black turnout Obama got she could have won. Had she gotten the white woman turnout that Obama did she could have won. Had her and her campaign staff had the humility to listen to critics and to campaign actively in MI and WS and to campaign better in PA she could have won. Had she not actively disparaged much of the white working class families, shown more compassion towards unemployed coal miners, like the Kennedys did, she might have won PA. Losing this election to Trump requiared a trifecta of arrogant incompetence, but she was up to that task.

What Comey did was despicable and he belongs in jail, IMO, or, at least to be dismissed as Director of the FBI, but we get to have him longer. But the task was not to just barely win. The task was to bring in a landslide that would insure that whatever the Russians, the FBI and other bad actors did was irrelevant. She didn't.

Sanders is not a raving left winger. He is an FDR Democrat. Even Shhumer is barely to the left of where Ike was in 1960. is The Neoliberal wing of the Democratic party has done every bit as much damage to the Democratic Party as Blair ever did to Labour. We don't need a raving socialist. We need someone who is a solid liberal and who understands that the economy does matter and that how the working class has been treated in the USA needs to be addressed.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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