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Do not tell me what I appear to think. You're wrong about what I think, just as you're wrong about the politics of this country.  You're operating from a story you're telling yourself to make sense of facts from your point of view, and you're completely blinded to the viewpoints of anyone else telling you that you're not seeing the big picture. You're just like those fucking blind guys and the elephant.

The very fact that you're dragging Bernie into this and saying we think she'd have had clear sailing if he didn't run just shows how badly you misinterpret what's being said to you. And not only do you believe these stories you tell yourself, you are immune to all facts and reason that contradicts them, throwing out buzz words like Neoliberal. You're stuck in a false narrative and you're desperately trying to sell it to everyone.  I honestly don't care what you yourself believe, I do care that you and people like you are not only close-minded, but that you bully other views and dominate the discourse. You attack your allies.

You're peddling a white working class narrative and that's fine if you act like an ally. Insisting that your issues be re centered, that you take over the party, that the voices and votes of the actual Democratic base don't count, and attacking those people the base has elected as enemies to be overthrown is all kinds of fucked up.

The white working class abandoned the party after the Civil Rights Act was passed, not the other way around. Reagan broke the backs of the unions and the WWC rewarded them. The Republican party has pillaged this fucking country because the WWC and poor will not fucking stand with the Democrats.  They've been barely holding the line in a war being waged on the most vulnerable people and you have the nerve to fucking attack them and blame them for your self-inflicted ills.

This is what I mean by a fairytale -- you've conjured an evil elite villain instead of admitting that well over half the country's white people are voting against their own interests because they won't stand in solidarity with people of color and marginalized groups.

If the WWC would stand with the Dems we would not be in this position. We would have a strong enough team in congress to have stopped or changed things. We would have a huge progressive caucus from the mid-west. Telling a story that eliminates white voters from responsibility is racist and offensive. You don't have the solution to the problem, you're part of it.

Maybe we can eventually make language a complete impediment to understanding. -Hobbes

by Izzy (izzy at eurotrib dot com) on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 at 08:11:09 AM EST
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