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Are you accusing the left in general and Geezer in particular of not seeing that working class people vote against their own interest? That's a new one. But what is your solution then? Hope demographics takes care of things and hope the new working class will be less racist?

Do you and Drew think the leftwing not singing enough hosannas about the elected candidate? No one would have noticed her mixed record otherwise? Maybe, but hawking all those Bush official endorsements for the mythical "moderate" republicans might have given the game away anyway.

And I'm really not buying your "if they just had stood with the Dems" narrative. How would you explain this then:

How Each Senator Voted on Trump's Cabinet Nominees - The New York Times -

14 Democrats voted "yes" for every nominee

I mean both anger and grief are justified but I blaming the left for doing the "Bernie would have won" skit won't help.

by generic on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 at 09:14:08 AM EST
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