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Several points: The leaders of the Democratic Party are not my allies. Just in the last period of their relative power they completely broke one country, scaled up and institutionalized the mass murder program around the world, launched a frontal assault on democracy with their "trade deals", kept building a domestic repression apparatus that would make the Stasi blush with envy and had that same system bulldoze the only grass root anti capitalist movement the US had seen in a lifetime. Any alliance can only be tactical.

More importantly: If I read your complaint right then it is that parts of the left, especially those that supported Sanders kept criticizing the Dems even after the primary was over. Frankly that is not how it works. You can expect party apparatchiks to get behind the candidate once the primary is over but the actual voters you have to win over. And the Clinton campaign did exactly nothing. Single payer will never pass, a 15$ minimum wage is unrealistic, they couldn't even put a fracking ban in the largely symbolic party platform. But really they could have stopped the hippy punching after the southern primaries. After they were fought with the DNC putting its thump on the scale by keeping debates to a minimum any upset was very unlikely. But especially once Trump, their preferred opponent by the way, grabbed the nomination the word from above was "for every dead end Bernie bro we lose we pick up two moderate Republicans." And still I've seen no evidence that the activist left deserted them in large numbers. Jill Stein did get enough votes to elect a few dog catchers but hardly enough to swing the election.
I mean "the people have failed her" is not something any party can get away with.
But I see there is some confusion about where I point my blame. I blame the Democratic party and the professional campaign machinery. Both for pushing terrible policies that are hard to defend and for losing most elections for the last 6 years. I don't blame the individual Hillary supporters for thinking Hillary was the more electable or whatever. And I certainly wouldn't demand that people who now demonstrate against Trump's Muslim ban explain their silence when the no fly lists were drawn up.

And what kind of solidarity are you asking for here exactly?

by generic on Fri Feb 3rd, 2017 at 12:59:35 AM EST
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