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You do realize Hitler was elected because the far left refused to present a united front with the center left, right?
It would, of course, be equally true to say that the SPD refused to present a united front with the communists. To the point of sending their party militia to break communist legs on occasion. Those two factions were roughly equally matched in numbers (but drew from very different demographics), so it is a case of victor's history for the SPD to claim that they were the natural party of government and the communists were entirely at fault for the failure to form that coalition.

And once the primary was over, the people who support the democrats were actively bullied into silence by extremists on both the left and right.
A lot of the Clinton campaign seemed to think the primaries were over about two months before the actual convention, and were not shy about employing quite vicious silencing tactics. Up to and including trying to get journalists fired for saying nice things about Sanders. Not for saying nasty things about Clinton, which would have been understandable, but for saying nice things about Sanders. Before the convention. That this would engender some lasting bitterness should reasonably have been predicted. It may be the correct move to stand with the people who tried to get you fired in opposition to whatever slithers out of the Republican Party, but in practice it's a hard sell.

We had a simple choice to make and a bunch of faux revolutionaries actively dominated the online discourse.
I have not seen any colorable estimate that puts those people at above ten per cent of the Democratic-leaning community. It does not seem plausible to me that such a small constituency, with no money, no full-time professional shills, no tame newsies, and no support from friendly government officials, would be able to "actively dominate" the commanding heights of the media landscape. But if you have better data on the size, resources and impact of that constituency, then I'd be happy to read it.

However I'm not interested in opinion pieces pointing out that those people are wankers. I already know that, the question is whether they're a plausible explanation for why the Dems lost the election. And their perfidy, however real, is beside that point.

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