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What did pique the Australian's curiosity was Paddock's way of making a living, "as I'd not met a professional gambler" before.

Paddock was forthcoming in "great detail" on matters from his "float", or cash gambling base, to his annual income, which was "very much well over a senior executive's wage in the US".

"And how he obtained that: the algorithms behind his methodology of gambling - only on machines, not on tables," he said.

Oh, really? Even if you did find a bug in the slot machines, the casinos would notice the pattern and fix it. I wonder if he made his money in crime, and somebody was catching up with him. I don't see any other plausible explanation how someone with his background would be so rich.

One amusing aspect of articles like this is how the papers report what people who knew him said as though a psychopath always tells the truth except when he's talking about his plans to shoot people.

The article does, however, say

The men came to have "robust conversations" about the second amendment of the US constitution and the right to bear arms.

It is a debate the Australian said he had had many times - but Paddock's grasp of the detail seemed superior to most defenders of the second amendment.

"I've asked that question of many people I know from the US, and sadly enough, the answer is very similar in many ways: that people have this belief that the constitutional amendment is their right, with very little understanding of the content of that actual bill," the man said.

"I think it'd be fair to say [Paddock] indicated to me that he certainly knew more than most."

So that's it. He was radicalised by the NRA.
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