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The State of Kansas has enacted a new law, HB 2409, that requires state contractors to certify that they are not engaged in boycotts of Israel. An official with the Kansas State Department of Education ("KSDE") told Plaintiff Esther Koontz that she would have to certify that she is not currently engaged in a boycott of Israel in order to receive a contract to work as a trainer in the statewide teacher training program. In adherence to calls for boycott made by her church and her congregation, Ms. Koontz refuses to purchase consumer goods and services offered by Israeli companies and international companies operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. When Ms. Koontz responded that she could not sign the certification in good conscience, the state refused to contract with her. The Act violates the First Amendment by requiring Ms. Koontz and other state contractors to certify their non-participation in protected political expression and association. Because the Act engages in speaker-based discrimination and burdens fundamental First Amendment rights, it also violates the Equal Protection Clause.
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