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As long ... the Brussels gang will not be credible as truly entitled to govern such a wide and varied continent.

This is on a par with the disinformation of which Monbiot is being accused. Go back through your list of grievances and identify how many are primarily (or even exclusively) the domain of the national governments.

Even in the case of EU-wide directives, they are the result of agreement between the national governments. The lie of a "EU government" was the comfortable lie underpinning the entire Brexit debate. If people are unwilling to hold their own governments to account while they are part of the EU, it is naïve to think they will suddenly start to hold them to account if they leave.

As for your final paragraph, the EU might wish to punished the UK for leaving, but the British are doing such a bang-up job of spanking themselves it is hard to see what else the EU could do to make it worse.

BTW, exactly which parts of the official EU position do you consider to be punitive punishment as opposed to legitimate attempts to protect the interests of the EU and its people?

by det on Fri Nov 24th, 2017 at 08:32:01 AM EST
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