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And Monbiot is supposed to be one of the good guys... There is no doubt that a lot of CAP money ends up in the hands of the "landed gentry" or agri-businesses which do not need such subsidies. The CAP was supposed to enable family farming to survive in the face of cheaper global competition.  It was as much a social construct to support rural areas in decline, and strategic construct to avoid too much food dependence on external sources.

No doubt national governments had the power to prevent many of these abuses, but what national government is going to oppose EU money going to their donors, natural supporters, and local industries? CAP reform is essential, but blaming the EU is at best disingenuous  when most of it is in the hands of national governments to drive such reforms. Ironically the greatest abuses may have been in the UK with its extremely unequal land-owning class structure.

In many ways the UK is the greatest beneficiary of the worst aspects of the EU. In some respects, Brexit itself is a reforming act for the EU.

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