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Yup, didn't see that one coming...

Trump Promised to Protect Steel. Layoffs Are Coming Instead. - NY Times

The United Steelworkers, the union that includes the workers in Conshohocken, has historically aligned with Democrats. But many workers opposed trade agreements forged by Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and viewed Hillary Clinton's stance on trade as insincere.

In a shift in the politics of trade, the union has defended the Trump administration's trade agenda against the criticisms of traditionally Republican business groups, like the Chamber of Commerce.

But Scott Paul, the president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a trade group that represents steelworkers, said he had "a profound sense of frustration that the president has been using steelworkers as political props."

"The president's own words and lack of action have actually put the industry in a worse position than if he had done nothing at all," he said.

Who Could Have Predicted?
Who could have predicted that a big lying plutocrat would enact yuuge tax cuts to benefit his own while throwing the ordinary folks who voted for him under the bus?

by Bernard on Sun Dec 24th, 2017 at 06:29:59 PM EST
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