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Because all the evidence we have seen yet doesn't amount to a hill of beans?

I think I agree with most of the particulars in this blog post:


Some outtakes(lots of links at source):

  • First and foremost, the public technical evidence that Russia hacked the DNC is both completely insufficient to declare who used a simple spear-phishing attack to trick John Podesta into entering his own password and based entirely on technical data from a single firm (Crowdstrike) the DNC itself hired with the intention of blaming the hack on Russia; to this date the FBI has never been allowed to examine the "hacked" servers or made any additional efforts whatsoever to verify Crowdstrike's accusations against Russia. Although many people who are completely ignorant of even very recent history seem content to accept the declaration of American Intelligence Agencies that Russia definitely hacked the DNC for "reasons" - I myself am not comfortable taking the CIA's word for it when surely if they had more evidence of Russian hacking, they would have produced it by now (a full year into the investigation.)

  • The simple truth is that it doesn't matter who hacked the DNC or if there was even a hack at all because the recovered Clinton campaign emails and the damning revelations found inside them were all 100% real and unaltered in any meaningful way. You cannot "rig" an election by telling people the truth and exposing the uncomfortable facts about powerful people is called journalism, not "spreading propaganda." Furthermore, the argument that such activity would represent "an act of war" or a "digital 9/11" is quite simply spurious at best when you consider the known fact that American intelligence continues to engage in cyber intrusion activities and online opinion manipulation on social media in precisely the same manner we're accusing Russia of doing today.
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