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Criminal conduct is explicitly identified by U.S. federal and state code, chapter [18] and verse [1961], with plenty exceptions and exemptions and mitigating circumstances &tc ("loopholes"). Any conduct that is NOT indentifed by U.S. federal and state code ("on the books") as criminal is lawful. It is lawful even if civi litigation finds tortious harms, or liability, subject to penalty or compensatory damages ("cost of doing business"). This vaccuum of commonsense is where all unscrupulous people ply their trade "with impugnity".

Mueller's public brief is programmed to fail.

"Meddling and interference" in "democracy" or "election process" is no where codified by U.S. Code or states' statutes. But it sure is  "click bait" --the transaction  that produces revenue for the person supplying publishing services to an advertiser ("content creator"). Gah bless Free Trade.

"Collusion" and "conspiracy" are not crimes, because people collude and conspire every. fucking. day. They collude or conspire to realized some group, enterprise, corporate, company, organization purpose. Gah bless Trade Secrets.

Collusion or conspiracy to commit a crime [LISTED] is defined. But meddle and interfere in democracy and election process is undefined by USC. Since Mueller has been unable as yet to pin even one of the [LIST] to any foreign or domestic, would you have him invent criminal conduct?

Or would you prefer he discover evidence of criminal conduct?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Thu Dec 28th, 2017 at 12:06:49 AM EST
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