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It's not like we haven't been told before. And before.
And Josh Marshall who called it last December:

Trump's (and Putin's) Plan to Dissolve the EU and NATO. - TPM - Josh Marshall

Trump and Bannon clearly want to create a nativist world order based on the US, Russia and states that want to align with them. The EU and NATO are only obstacles to that goal.

Marshall's remark is similar to your conclusion:

An America eager to break up the EU seems more likely to inject new life into the union.
by Bernard (bernard) on Fri Feb 3rd, 2017 at 08:46:05 PM EST
On the general principle that what you have is taken for granted is not valued until its continuance is threatened I would expect EU citizens to appreciate the EU more if Trump takes hostile action and Brexit turns out to be a disaster for the Brits. I can also see why US ultra-conservatives who want to destroy the New Deal and Great Society would be extremely anxious to destroy the EU or at least demonstrate it doesn't work as it is the antithesis of their plan to present an Ayn Rand kind of society as the TINA option.

American Tourists coming to YURP for the first time will come to express surprise that everyone isn't living under the yoke of a socialist state and extremely unhappy that they can't carry guns and shoot Muslims.  I suppose a drifting apart of Europe and the US as memories of WWII fade is inevitable, but it doesn't have to be that way in an age of globalisation which has benefits as well as costs.

However, longer term, I would expect Europe and Russia to be more natural allies than the US and Russia - even if Sarah Palin can see Russia from her back door.

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