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The only people who have regarded a unified Europe as an enemy of the US have been the far right fringe. Mainstream conservatives and progressives alike in the US have actively supported the EU's development, even if they might disagree with various EU policies, just as Europeans themselves do, and support for the EU and its predecessors have been an integral part of US foreign policy in a bipartisan way since the Marshall Plan.

My argument is that just because that far right fringe has accidentally ended up in power in the US does not mean that there is suddenly any credibility to any larger argument of any geopolitical structural explanations to any EU-US.  A much better geopolitical explanation given the historical evidence is that the EU served US interests when the US was in charge of governing the planet.  Rather, now that Trump has won power on a campaign premised on rejecting US responsibility for maintaining the institutions of globalization, the mutual interests of Americans and Europeans in developing a strong EU may have changed.

by santiago on Mon Feb 6th, 2017 at 12:36:04 AM EST
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