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Very interesting analysis. And I agree with your deduction that the US now appears to be trying to subvert the European Union as an objective of its new foreign policy, rather than support it as has been the case since WWII. However, I think you may be overthinking the rest of your argument regarding interests of the US vis a vis Europe in your geopolitical analysis.

I don't think it is anything more complicated than the fact that the current US government is now fascist (objectively, not just a name calling way like we used to call George Bush when he invaded Iraq) and therefore against ALL of the institutions of globalization, of which the EU is a very prominent one. This is a completely new and unexpected political development, and cannot be explained by analyzing US national interests historically, because those interests are radically different now that a fascist government has been elected in the United States.

That, combined with the fact the Trump is an agent of Russia, and Russia has obvious interests in weakening or dismantling the EU as an adversary, is what is now making the EU a hostile target of the Trump administration when this has never been the case in any way before.


by santiago on Fri Feb 3rd, 2017 at 05:57:03 PM EST

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