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The work of US intelligence agencies to document Russian interference on behalf of Trump is pretty well documented in the media. It does not disclose publicly that Trump is somehow so compromised that he can be controlled by Putin, but that is a very narrow definition of agent that doesn't even describe the relationship with most most foreign spies and their handlers.

Most agents are willing partners who agree with the policy objectives of their foreign handlers and who enjoy the benefit of resources provided by their foreign handlers, all of which appears to apply to Trump. All of Trump's actions and stated policy objectives are consistent with Russian foreign policy objectives of degrading international institutions generally and of US governance of global affairs, and the US intelligence agencies have documented the communication between Trump and Russia well before the election up and continuing on to the present. That evidence would be enough to convict anyone else of being a foreign spy, and only because Trump was just elected as president, with this information already available to US policymakers, is the only reason he isn't in trouble yet because of it.

Regardless of whether or not Trump ever does get in trouble, it does mean that any geopolitical analysis of US interests vis a vis anyone else needs to look at US interests through the lens of a new collusion with Russian interests now, or it will miss what is really going on. Mere class collusion among billionaires is just too weak to explain anything.

by santiago on Mon Feb 6th, 2017 at 06:50:40 PM EST
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