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Let's stipulate that we don't know precisely how much quality evidence is behind the report. However the intelligence agencies also gave us the "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction" guff to justify an invasion, so their bona fides are suspect.

What we also know is that the intelligence agencies have become dominated by neocons so their suspicions of Russian perfidy are hardly news.

Finally we know that Trump isn't a neocon - for him Russia is just another business opportunity with a vast amount of real estate.  As it happens there isn't a huge amount of trade between Russia and the US so it is of less strategic economic interest than say China.  If Trump wants to have a trade war with China, Russia could be a useful ally. If trump wants to break up the EU, Russia would be an even more useful ally.

So besides an adolescent infatuation with Putin's strong man machismo, there are real reasons why Trump might want to cosy up to Russia and why the intelligence agencies might be alarmed at that prospect.

What is unprecedented is the degree to which they have gone public in their opposition to him and the dismissive way he has treated their opposition.

Among the good things that could yet come out of a Trump Presidency would be a less reverent attitude to the intelligence agencies, possible cutbacks in their funding and access, as well as less meddling in the middle east and Ukraine.

Not a lot of consolation if he starts a war with China or helps to break up the EU, but hey, lets look at the bright side!

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