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That such leaders were collaborating with communists supported by the USSR or by Cuba is not the same thing as accusing them of being spies.
By that very interesting interpretation of the English language, Trump hasn't actually been accused of anything of the sort either.

That's the thing, really: No accountability, no actual accusations, just a lot of thinly veiled smears by unnamed paid liars.

Now, I don't particularly care that Trump gets smeared, but I do care that Russia gets smeared with Trump, because that's going to end poorly for everyone except the mirrorshade brigade.

So, which, if any of such leaders were actually falsely accused of being foreign agents of Soviet intelligence, which would support your argument that US intelligence agencies are actually bad at discovering such evidence?
Allende, Mossadegh, Tutu, and Mandela, just off the top of my head. With Allende they even went so far as to write their paranoid conspiracy theories into a book, which they circulated in the Chilean officer corps. We know that because they got careless and had it circulated in the US as well, which at the time was considered a faux pas by the Church Committee.

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