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which, if any of such leaders were actually falsely accused of being foreign agents of Soviet intelligence

Patrice Lumumba is a very telling and tragic example. Here is JFK upon learning that Lumumba has been killed (a couple weeks late):

And within the US, the was McCarthy and HUAC. The most dramatic accusations of prominent New Dealers Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White appear to be officially true, but the circus was epic.

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From the 'epic' link above:
According to John Loftus, the former Justice Department Nazi hunter, the two men first came in contact in late 1945, when young naval officer Richard Nixon was shuttling up and down the East Coast, wrapping up war-related business for the Navy. While sifting through the military paperwork, Nixon came across eye-opening Nazi documents that had been shipped to an old torpedo factory on the Virginia side of the Potomac. Some of these documents revealed how the Dulles brothers had helped launder Nazi funds during the war. Loftus, citing confidential intelligence sources, alleged that Dulles and Nixon proceeded to cut a deal. "Allen Dulles," reported Loftus, "told him to keep quiet about what he had seen and, in return, [Dulles] arranged to finance the young man's first congressional campaign against Jerry Voorhis."

A juicy confirming tidbit.

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