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May has been hopeless. As expected, she has revealed herself to be an over-ambitious kook who Peter Principled herself into Number 10.

Except for near-infinite if rather nervy ambition and an authoritarian streak as wide as the M1, she has none of the skills needed for competence in politics - such as being charming and personable, intelligent, strategically gifted, and not an alien vampire from a Hollywood hell dimension overly attached to a wardrobe chosen by unemployed clowns.

If she was any more tone deaf she could be leading a boy band. The more people see, the less they like.

As one of the innumerable pundits who litter social media pointed out, the last time there was a swing this big before an election was 1945. That didn't end well for the Tories.

The scale of her inability to campaign with even the tiniest hint of competence is really quite surreal. She has been driving around the country in the battle bus - with exquisite irony, the same bus used by the Remain campaign - hosting "rallies" of literally tens of hand-picked faithful, who are all bused with her to hilariously remote locations from which the public and most of the press are excluded.

She tried to make "Strong and Stable" a talking point, but she did it so ineptly it became a viral joke.

She pigeon-holed Macron at their last meeting and tried to start a "So - about these negotiations..." conversation. He immediately said "non", and this left her completely non-plussed, as if she really hadn't expected it might be a likely response.

Of course she may still win, because too many British voters are too misinformed - and frankly too thick - not to fall for her act. There are literally tens of millions of voters whose higher brain functions are so atrophied that they have decided she will "Do the right thing", in spite the evidence suggesting that she couldn't find the right thing if someone handed it to her on a golden cushion with a "This is the right thing" label tied around it after a Wagnerian trumpet fanfare.

Will she definitely win? No one knows.

I no longer expect intelligent decisions from the British electorate - or at least not from enough of the British electorate to make a difference.

On the other hand, there has been a huge, unprecedented leap in first-time voter registrations, and most of them aren't May fans.

The Tories have been showing signs of desperation - spamming social media with ads and sending out a troll army to try to influence voters. There's a solid push to vote tactically against them - which is encouraging, but not necessarily enough.

Whatever happens, the country continues to be hopelessly fractured - the idiotically tribal mostly older, mostly poorly educated, but insufferably smug and condescending Tory faithful, at loggerheads with the mostly younger, mostly professional, more tentative and questioning cosmopolitans.

One pundit - Robert Peston - has suggested May has misread the mood. There are now enough people sick of food banks, austerity, threats to the NHS, threats to the police and other services, Brexit inflation, murdered disabled people, people who are declared fit for work who die a few weeks later, and terrorist attacks to swing the vote in favour of a less North Korean political approach.

Let's hope.

The reality is that - as usual - the result will be decided in a hundred or so marginals, and everything else is noise.

by ThatBritGuy (thatbritguy (at) googlemail.com) on Sun May 28th, 2017 at 11:50:18 PM EST
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