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I saw an intriguing rumour this morning that, with Amber Rudd now more or less replacing Theresa May in any situation where unscripted pre-vetted questions are possible, that May might step down after the election.

I think your comment about the Peter pinciple may well be correct and May has been found wanting in many situations where a calm unharried approach is favoured. She has probably realised it and the numerous photos of her strange facial expressions can't all be bad moments, it's like regular photographers have clued in to what sets her off and are queuing up to get the shot. This suggests she knows shes not up to it.

She couldn't just resign and let a new leadership contest happen because, frankly, the last one destroyed the credibillity of everyone who took part. So, this could be a planned "clean slate" election.

She wins what was supposed to be an easy victory and then resigns, leaving emerging talent, in this case Rudd, to build a case for their election.

Of course, the theory breaks down a little bit in that May was supposed to bleat "strong and stable" all the way with everybody else kept out of the limelight and no chance for Rudd or Patel (god forbid) to step forward.

So, whilst this is one of those wild internet rumours that's almost certainly based on nothing more than a cheese inflected dream, there's a strangely attractive logic to it

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by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Mon May 29th, 2017 at 09:51:10 AM EST
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