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I used the verb coalesce lightly there - I didn't mean a formal coalition.  Sinn Fein would hardly join a government even if they did take their seats in response to a formal commitment to hold a United Ireland referendum. It would make little sense for the SNP to join a UK government if their objective is to leave the UK. The Lib Dems have just been burned by being in one.  So no, I was referring to them all voting for a Corbyn led Government in return for formal referendum commitments in each case.

Corbyn coming across as credible and reasonable has two potential benefits:  It reduces the fear factor that could drive Tory base turnout and it might encourage dissatisfied undecided voters who weren't going to vote - on the basis that it makes no difference or Labour has no hope anyway - that they do have a genuine alternative worth voting for. Corbyn was polling very badly on issues such as trust, reliability, competence etc. Now he is demonstrating the opposite and raising the morale of those who weren't going to bother to vote.

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